Coca-Cola Tacos and Michelada Popsicles

We all know and love the typical Mexican “street style” tacos we’re used to. This can include the ever-so-popular carne asada taco with onions, cilantro and salsa.Thanks to my boyfriend, Martin, a lifelong resident of East Los Angeles, I now know the difference between a good and bad taco. With the new trend of “fusion style” foods, street tacos have evolved over the past few years and are now being served on food trucks and in restaurants. Fusion is the combination of different food and cooking styles to create new tastes.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t too keen on trying tacos that didn’t have the traditional “street style” ingredients. When I did, I thought they were just okay. One weekend while in the Silverlake area in Los Angeles with some friends, we decided to stop by a gastropub off Sunset Blvd. called Diablo Taco.

photo 2

Yummy. Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez

The tacos served here were amazing.

Diablo serves gourmet fusion tacos as the main focus of their menu. Although fusion tacos are available on most food trucks nowadays, the fusion tacos at Diablo are not to be compared to the typical food truck fusion taco. The ingredients in the tacos alone are what sets Diablo apart from other fusion dishes.

When I arrived, I was overwhelmed with what to choose. Remember, I’m used to eating the traditional taco.


You can see why I had trouble choosing the right taco. Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez

I finally decided to order the Korean BBQ Chicken Taco with kimchee slaw and green onions. This taco was refreshing and had a crisp texture to it. The overall flavor was sweet with a hint of spice. I also ordered the Coca-Cola Asada Taco with refried white bacon beans and caramelized onions. This taco was my absolute favorite. It was sweet-tasting, and the caramelized onions melted in my mouth. The refried white bacon beans add that salty flavor, so your whole experience is the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

photo 3

The Korean BBQ Chicken Tacos(left) and the Coca-Cola Asada Tacos (right) Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez

While ordering, I couldn’t help but notice that they also sold Micheladas—my favorite alcoholic drink. A Michelada is a popular drink in the Hispanic community. The traditional Michelada consists of beer, lime juice, tomato juice (preferably Clamato), hot sauce (preferably Tabasco), Worcesterchire sauce and salt.


The drink menu including the popular Micheladas. Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez

Diablo has a unique, yet tasty, take on the Michelada. As I watched the bartender make my order, she first rimmed the tall glass with Grey Sea Salt and Arbole Chile. Next, she poured the beer of my choice, Modelo Especial, and placed a Popsicle on top of my glass. Wait, what?! A Popsicle?! Yes, a homemade Popsicle—which consisted of tomato juice, lime and salt that you submerge into your beer. What a totally fun, genius and absolutely delicious idea!

photo 1

Modelo Especial before the dropping of the Michelada Popsicle. Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez

photo 4

The aftermath.Yummy! Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez

If you’re tired of the typical food truck fusion taco and want to give your taste buds a run for their money, I definitely recommend visiting Diablo Taco located at 3129 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, 90026.
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