Treats Fit for a Queen (or King): Top 3 French Macaron Shops you must Visit

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the French Macaron–a small piece of heaven from the pastry gods. For those of you who don’t know what a macaron is, it is two brightly colored, meringue based cookies from a mixture of egg whites, almond flour, and sugar. Within these two cookies, you will find a jam or ganache filling. Yummy, right?


Definitely a small piece of heaven from the pastry gods! Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez

Do yourself a favor and visit:

3. Dolcissimo Bakeshop

Located at 3010 Grand Ave (The Shoppes at Chino Hills), Chino Hills, 91709


The little blue box filled with delicious French Macarons from Dolcissimo Bakeshop– not all things in little blue boxes come from Tiffany & Co. Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez


The Nutella (teal), Pistachio (green), Strawberry Champagne (pink with sprinkles) and Strawberry Macaron(pink) from Dolcissimo Bakeshop. Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez

2. Bottega Louie

Located at 700 South Grand Ave Los Angeles,  90017


The patisserie at Bottega Louie, isn’t it just lovely? Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez


From left to right, the Earl Grey, Violet Cassis, Rose, and Strawberry French Macarons  Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez


Take two on these gorgeous French Macarons, is your mouth watering yet? Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez


My absolute favorite French Macaron from Bottega Louie, the Earl Grey. Just look at that chocolate ganache filling! Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez

Bottega Louie on Urbanspoon

1. Lette Macarons

Located at 107 Japanese Village Plaza Mall, Los Angeles, 90012


The Lette Macarons storefront. Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez


French Macarons galore! Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez


I’ll take the “a la ronde” box with 60 French Macarons, please. A girl can dream, right? Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez


The Rose flavored French Macaron, my ultimate favorite from Lette Macarons. Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez

'Lette Macarons on Urbanspoon


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