Delicious Delights from Le French

To my Fab Eaters, allow me to once again drive your taste buds crazy! This week, I introduce you to the Crepe. Crepes, which originated in France, are very thin cooked pancakes made from wheat flour. Within the crepe, you will find various fillings such as jams, fruit and whipped cream. Sounds delicious, right? Where can you try one of these fabulous desserts, you ask? For starters, you don’t have visit France! Instead, you can visit a local crêperie, Crepes and Grapes Café located in Uptown Whittier. The Crepes and Grapes Café offers a variety of delicious crepes. The crepes served here are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!


The Ban-Berries Crepe includes bananas, strawberries, rich creamy Nutella hazelnut chocolate spread and whipped cream for $6.95. Don’t let the price fool you, the portions are huge! Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez


A custom crepe for $7.25 which included: sweet vanilla spread, strawberries, powdered sugar and whipped cream. Is your mouth watering yet? Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez


Do yourself a favor and visit the Crepes and Grapes Café located at 6560 Greenleaf Avenue, Whittier, 90601 Photo by: Antoinette Rodriguez

Crepes & Grapes Cafe on Urbanspoon


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